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Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary And A Peek At Our Wedding Pictures

April 22nd, 2018. The day I exchanged wedding vows with the man who had stolen my heart. I had every intention of having this blog post done and ready to share for our one year anniversary last week, but life happened and we welcomed our daughter into the world that weekend! (What better way to celebrate!!!) We did make it home it home from the hospital the night of our wedding anniversary, just in time to cut into our wedding cake topper that we had saved and reflect on the last 365 days together. Never has my heart been more full... a new baby sleeping in the crib next to us, and a man who has become my best friend and partner beside me.

Our wedding day is such a sweet memory for both of us. Our goal was to create an atmosphere where all of our closest family and friends felt at home, enjoying the company of each other as we celebrate their influence and the parts that they each played in our lives, both as individuals and as we blossomed in our relationship with each other. Even the wedding planning that led up to our big day was special for me! So many parts of the day I got to plan with my mom, who is also a very creative person, making it so much fun to create a vision and watching the different aspects come to life.

Was everything picture perfect? No... but we wouldn't change a thing because we knew that it wasn't about a perfectly put-together day. It was about a celebration of starting a life together with those we loved around us. And it was just that!

We had all of our memories of the day captured by the talented Kansas City Wedding Photographer, Brianne Elizabeth Photography. She did a spectacular job, and gave us so many photos that we absolutely cherish. We however never got around to sharing many of them because life got so busy for us. So I thought, what better time to share these pictures than now as we celebrate the first of many years together!

So here you go, with a walk down our memory lane!


Venue: Executive Hills Polo Club | Photographer: Brianne Elizabeth Photography | Bride Gown: BHLDN | Hair: Posh KC | Groomswear: Express | Vow Books: Art + Alexander | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Cake: Blue Thistle Cakes | Glass Rentals: Ultrapom | Florals: Sue Dunlap | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Rings: Kay's Jewelry



Hi, I'm Erin! A Kansas girl, living life in Ohio with an adventurous spirit to travel!


I love serving genuine and classic couples with timeless photographs, and have told love stories of some of the sweetest couples from around the world! 

I hope you enjoy my journal entries you see on the blog, and I would love to hear from you. So drop me a note and let's chat!





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