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A Rose Gold and Eucalyptus Wedding at The Historic Taylor Barn in Lawrence, KS

This beautiful, Fall wedding at the Historic Taylor Barn in Lawrence, Kansas was one of my favorite weddings in my career so far! It wasn't because of any fancy details and over the top planning. (Although every single detail of the day was nothing short than spectacular!) No.... What made Maria and Sutton's wedding day so beautiful and impressing to me was that they thoroughly brought the meaning of the day back to the basics... Just as it should be.

You could see the love that they have for each other beaming out of their eyes. It was all about marrying the love of their life with their closest family and friends around to celebrate with them. And oh, the beauty of the love within their families was so inspiring!From Maria getting ready with her mother and sister's help, to the mother-son and father-daughter dance, and every special moment in between, you could see without a doubt how close and important family is to both of them. I will be fully honest and admit that I teared up a couple times!!