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Love Through The Streets of Montmartre: Amanda + Jordan

Kay and I met these two lovebirds one evening in the crowded streets of Montmartre. We walked around the city finding little pockets of space that we could shoot in, while still enjoying the rich beauty and landmarks of the famous location. Let's just say that with my last trip to Paris, I truly learned better how to shoot in crowded areas! Definitely a different dynamic than what I am used to from back in Lawrence, Kansas. But a challenge I found fun and very useful for my future shooting in some of these New York and New Jersey areas!

Amanda and Jordan were just SO MUCH FUN as they laughed and giggled together through the entire session! Friends, this is what I love to see! When my couples are so much in love and have fun together and almost forget that I am there behind the camera!

There was so many brightly colored streets and lively scenes in Montmartre, and we could have gone all night exploring beautiful photo ops... You would never guess by how perfect they look that it felt like a million degrees outside! Summer in Paris was warm but wonderful, and I can't wait for the next round of portraits that I will do there in the future!