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Exploring Beautiful Latvia

You may know by now that Latvia is one special place for me! I spent a couple years there after I finished my studies in Kansas, and fell in love with the beauty and the creativity that is rooted in that nation.

I try to go back for a visit every couple of years, but this year was extra special since this was the trip I got to introduce Kay to the little bit of my life in Latvia! (After YEARS of me talking about it, he just had to go see it for himself!)

We stayed mostly in Riga so we could listen to all of the beautiful choirs from the 100-year song and dance celebration. Every night, I would fall asleep with the musical notes echoing through the streets, and it was magical! We ventured around Old Town and some of the unique spots in the center and along the seaside, and even made it out to Sigulda to walk around some castle ruins, and out to Talsi and Kuldiga to explore the quieter streets.