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The Beautiful Town of Madison, New Jersey

Kay and I took a few days to visit the new area of New Jersey that we will soon be moving to. I will be honest that I am a little nervous to rebuild my photography business in New Jersey, but after taking a couple days to familiarize ourselves with the area, those nerves actually turned a little into excitement! There is so much charm in the town of Madison and Morristown, which is the area where I will be based in starting August, and I spotted so many cute little corners that could be used for engagement photos and portraits!

madison square clock
convent train station in madison NJ
downtown shops of Madison NJ
Entrance Gate to Drew University in New Jersey
Madison downtown views
alley way and clock in madison square

I also cam across some GORGEOUS wedding venues! I am pretty sure that I am going to be one happy wedding photographer when it comes time to photograph at some of these amazing venues!

inside the walls catholic center
college of saint elizabeth

My favorite wedding venue that I took a quick tour of was the Madison Hotel. Let's just say if I were to do my wedding over again, I would probably choose this venue! There is a gorgeous little arboretum that is attached to the hotel, filled with natural light, luscious florals and plants, and elegant chandeliers! I'm sure every New Jersey wedding photographer is drooling with the chance of creating some gorgeous wedding imagery here.

madison hotel entrance gate
exterior images of the Madison hotel
Outside of Madison Hotel
Inside the wedding venue of Madison Hotel

I can't wait to start taking portrait sessions and weddings all around the beautiful state of New Jersey and adding a bit of variety to my photographer portfolio!!



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