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A Lavender & Grey Wedding at the Cider Gallery | Lawrence, KS

After Jordan and Natalie's engagement session, all I could think about was counting down the days to their wedding! They are both so down to earth, and the energy and joy that they carried through the day is so genuine. One of the sweetest thing is watching how they adore being with each other, and how they can do nothing but giggle and laugh when they look at each other!

For a cold and rainy day in Lawrence, the Cider Gallery proved to be the perfect place for all of their friends and family to gather. It's always a favorite of mine when the bride and groom write their own vows to each other, as it makes the ceremony such a unique and special moment. Jordan and Natalie had their friends in tears at times, at other times, rolling with laughter! The whole evening was a beautiful celebration of a relationship that started 10 years ago and blossomed into the most precious marriage!