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Best Locations For Portrait Sessions

Once you decide to have a portrait session done, the next step is deciding on a location. Whether it be family, engagement, or maternity, what I am about to tell you can apply to each and every category!

Before I make any suggestions to the clients who book with me, I always ask if there is a place that has meaning to them. Maybe it is a place you spend most weekends with your family. Or a coffeeshop where you had your first date. Or the place he proposed to you. Why do I do this?

If there is a place that holds special meaning to you, those pictures are going to have even more value to you in the years to come!!

So now that we can determine that almost ANY location can be great if it has special meaning, what is my job as your photographer?

Once I get to a location, whether it's one I have photographed at before or something new, I scout out the most beautiful spots with the best lighting. When these two factors work together, you are sure to have some beautiful portraits!

Although I have loads of experience working with all types of lighting, both natural and artificial, I will always, ALWAYS lean towards the soft look of natural lighting. That means that if it is an outdoor location, I'm going to gravitate to some wide open shade. If its an indoor location, that large window full of natural light is going to be my favorite spot. With great lighting and clean backgrounds, that elegant and timeless style I incorporate in my imagery will be effortless!

In the case that you do not have any specific place in mind, I always have a handful of local spots that are timeless and beautiful and set the stage for a variety of pictures.

My favorite spots are hands-down the ones hold a variety of nature and landscape options!

I hope this encourages you to be creative and unique when setting up your portrait location!



Hi, I'm Erin! A Kansas girl, living life in Ohio with an adventurous spirit to travel!


I love serving genuine and classic couples with timeless photographs, and have told love stories of some of the sweetest couples from around the world! 

I hope you enjoy my journal entries you see on the blog, and I would love to hear from you. So drop me a note and let's chat!





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