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Bringing a Dream to Life: 1-year anniversary of EDP

It's a celebration over here at the office today!!!

I'm not usually the one to make any excuse for a party, so it goes without saying that this one has a pretty deep and personal meaning. Yes, I have been creating portraits and photographing events and weddings for way longer than a year. But this one year anniversary marks the day I decided to not listen to my fears of failing or not being good enough, and turned my freelance work into a full-time business with a curated brand and larger goals than I ever could have imagined.

To say I made that decision on my own would be a lie. I had YEARS of close friends and my family encouraging me along the way and challenging me again and again. Even when I refused to accept their compliments or made excuses why their dreams for ME were too big, they continued to be persistent. Without them, I would still be the little freelance photographer who never took risks.

So what did a year of being a Creative Entrepreneur look like?

Oh my, where to begin! It's been full of deciding specifically on what my brand offers. Creating a unique style I get to call my own. Believing in myself and the beautiful artwork I offer. Becoming creative with marketing and connecting to the community. Learning all the guidelines of running a business. It included lots of tears, but also a lot of joy. And a lot, a lot, A LOT of HARD WORK!

It also took me beyond my little Lawrence, Kansas to photograph an international wedding, some portrait and travel projects across Europe, and a recent creative pop-up project in Nashville. To say the least, it's been an adventure that has already changed my life in the last 365 days. So here is to many more!!

I NEVER DO THIS!!!! But I thought it would be fun to share a picture from my first photo shoot ever after purchasing my first little Canon 50D, and an image from my most recent session. What a difference!!!

In conclusion, I absolutely love what I do. Being able to bring to life a way for people to cherish their memories. To let them see how beautiful they are, and to listen as they share just a little about their life. Give me all the learning curves and late nights editing. I wouldn't change any of it!





Hi, I'm Erin! A Kansas girl, living life in Ohio with an adventurous spirit to travel!


I love serving genuine and classic couples with timeless photographs, and have told love stories of some of the sweetest couples from around the world! 

I hope you enjoy my journal entries you see on the blog, and I would love to hear from you. So drop me a note and let's chat!





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