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What to know about First Looks

The first look. That anticipated moment after anxiously waiting, where the groom see's his bride in white for the first time. This is one of the most raw and emotional moments in the wedding day, and provide some of the most cherished wedding images for the couples.

As the trend of the first look began to take off and continue to grow in popularity, there are still many who choose the more traditional option of seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. However, if you are considering adding a dedicated time for a first look away from the hustle and bustle, this article is for you.

Let's first look at some of the pro's to incorporating a first look into your wedding day timeline.

1.) Because all of the excitement and anticipation of this moment, creating a way to share the emotions in a more intimate way can be very beneficial. You are allowed time as a couple to take in why you are there, and calm any nerves you encountered through the earlier part of the day.

2.) You are creating a very memorable moment of the day, that always will be remembered and cherished when thinking back to your wedding.

3.) Allowing yourself to see each other before the ceremony opens up much more time for portraits without being rushed. Being able to get the majority of formal portraits done before the ceremony will also allow more time to be spent with guests during the reception.

So, if you have decided to incorporate a first look into your timeline, it's time to brainstorm with your wedding photographer! Although it is all about capturing the raw emotion, it doesn't hurt to plan a little something special for this time.

- Choose a location. Your wedding photographer should be able to provide some great insight into a place that provides both visual beauty for your pictures, and also ease of capturing different angles.

- Incorporate an activity. If you have written little notes to each other, right before the first look is a great to time to exchange these. Perhaps you want to pop a bottle of champaign and enjoy a moment together before heading back to rest of the bridal party. You can be choose to be as simple or creative as you want. There are no rules to how this moment is supposed to be.

- Who is involved. Some couple choose for the first look to be a moment just for them. Others choose some or all of the bridal party to present. And even some brides choose to have a Father/daughter first look as well. The options are up to you and who you want to spend this special moment with.

Happy wedding planning! If you are ready to book your Lawrence Wedding Photographer, connect with Erin here.


Erin Dunlap is a Lawrence Wedding Photographer, serving Kansas City and surrounding areas.



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