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What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Your man has proposed, you've got your photographer, and now it is time to start planning your engagement session! It can be a little overwhelming choosing your outfits, especially if you have never had professional pictures done before. But trust me, it doesn't have to be! Let's talk about a few things that will make it easier as you begin to think about wardrobe and plan the details of the engagement session:

01.) First and foremost, it is important that whichever outfit you choose to wear, you are comfortable in and can move easily while wearing. If you have to re-adjust your blouse or continuously pull on your skirt, you will be preoccupied more with how you look than having fun. If you are able to enjoy the moment of having engagement pictures done with you hubby without these distractions, your session will result in natural and emotion-filled portraits that you will treasure in the future.

02.) Take this opportunity to dress up! We are creating timeless images that you will treasure for years. Pull out that bow tie and skirt of which you never have an occasion to wear. Get those elegant heels on. Cocktail dresses and long flowing dresses are wonderful ways to add glamour to your session! I always say, you can never overdress when it comes to your engagement session! Of course, some couples like to have some casual pictures as well. Bringing along a second outfit is always a good idea and will give you lots of variety in your pictures!

03.) Guys, wear well-fitted clothing. Baggy dress clothes are not very flattering on camera. I encourage guys to leave the jeans and shorts at home and choose something classic with style!

04.) Consider the weather. If it is summer or winter, dress appropriately. If there is a chance of rain, bring an umbrella. Bring shoes you can walk in at the location, from which you can then change into your cute heels.

05.) Details and accessories. Have fun here! From necklaces to scarfs and hats. Even some fresh cut flowers! (Those of course are my personal favorite!) The options are endless and are yet another way to bring a wonderfully wide variety to your finished images! Remember to choose accessories that tie in cohesively with the look you are going for.

06.) Choose an activity. Engagement sessions are the perfect thing to incorporate a meaningful activity from your love story or lives! Do you treasure those Sunday picnics? Do you write little love notes to each other? Maybe you want to include the coffee shop where you shared your first date. Choosing something special and unique to your relationship will add not only fun to your session, but also give the images so much more meaning as you look back on them.

07.) Consider having your hair and make-up professionally done. Not only will this give you one less thing to stress about, it also provides the perfect opportunity to try out the hair and makeup artist you want to use for your wedding. This is also a perfect reason to pamper yourself and get your nails done! Neutral or blush tones and reds are perfect colors to compliment that bling you are now sporting on your finger (and that I will be sure to take multiple pictures of !!!).

08.) Above everything else, HAVE FUN! This time we have together is about all the love and joy you two share together. And that is exactly what you have chosen me to capture! Be prepared for lots of laughing and snuggling in front of the camera!


Serving Lawrence, Kansas City, and surrounding areas with wedding and engagement photography, Erin Dunlap specializes in timeless and emotion-filled photography. You can learn more about her wedding photography HERE.



Hi, I'm Erin! A Kansas girl, living life in Ohio with an adventurous spirit to travel!


I love serving genuine and classic couples with timeless photographs, and have told love stories of some of the sweetest couples from around the world! 

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