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Preparing for A Family Session

Fall brings cooler weather, lots of deep warm colors, and a surplus of families beginning to think about their Fall Session. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming! Here a few tips when planning with your photographer for your Family Session.

1. Decide on clothing

This is usually the number one detail that is thought about. What in the world to wear? The options are endless, but if you keep in mind a few key things, it can make your decision easier.

You want to make sure that you have chosen your wardrobe in advance, so that there is no last minute scrambling. Be sure that it is both comfortable and attractive. Aviod loud prints or large logos. Try "un-coordinating" with each other- Instead of everyone matching exactly, find complimentary colors and styles. Or even try picking a neutral color palette and adding a matching pop of color through accessories!

2. Schedule a time

Many photographers like shooting fall sessions when the light is golden, as this compliments the rich, warm colors in the leaves. However, even more important than that gorgeous evening light, is finding a time when your little ones are usually in a good mood. Whether it is early in the day, or right after nap time, if everyone is cheerful, well rested, and fed, your session is going to go much smoother.

3. Choose your location

Your photographer should have several options in mind. Usually the most popular locations where the scenery is in "Full-Fall". But also feel free to suggest any special spots that your family loves to go together! Those images will have more meaning to you as a family, and will bring genuine excitement from the little ones if they connect the familiar place with memories of family fun.

4. Have fun

This is a time to be yourself. Play with your kids. Kiss your wife on the cheek. Your photographer will guide you through poses, but there is no need to be stiff! Maybe bring along an activity for your family to enjoy together. From a simple game, to reading together, to eating your favorite snack, if there is something that your family enjoys doing together, incorporate it into your session. Not only does this give a break from all the posing, it will keep the mood and energy of your family engaged, and give your photographer a chance to capture some of those candid, genuine interactions of your family.



Hi, I'm Erin! A Kansas girl, living life in Ohio with an adventurous spirit to travel!


I love serving genuine and classic couples with timeless photographs, and have told love stories of some of the sweetest couples from around the world! 

I hope you enjoy my journal entries you see on the blog, and I would love to hear from you. So drop me a note and let's chat!





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