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A Beach Inspired Kansas Wedding


W hen Heather had the dream for a beach wedding but found herself planning a Kansas wedding, she rolled up her sleeves and let her creativity loose. The result was a beautiful, swoon-worthy day that had every guest feeling like they were sipping mango juice on a destination island.

Heather had been sharing some of her ideas with me along the way of planning the wedding, and I arrived eager to see her well-thought details. Guests gathered together on the sun-light filled lawn and watched as Heather and Barry exchanged their own vows. Lots of laughter and tears of joy, and the sweetest moment as Barry's son joined in the sand ceremony symbolizing a united family.

I was so honored to be a witness on this day, and loved creating these images that Heather and Barry can cherish over the years. Congratulations, you two. May you have many, MANY years of love and happiness!