A Beautiful Dutch Wedding

This is the love story of two amazing people from opposite countries, meeting and falling in love. And a beautiful story it is. While studying at the same place in Norway, Corina from Holland and Lucky from Nigeria briefly crossed paths. And from then on, their history was being written.

I have known Corina for many years. She has been a leader, a mentor, a friend. Some of my toughest times and most joyful adventures have happened with Corina by my side. Although we live half a world apart now, it is a bond that could never be broken. I had waited in anticipation to meet this man who stole her heart after I moved away, and am still at a loss of words to describe the joy I had being able to attend and photograph this wedding.

I arrived a couple days early to settle in and help out with all the preparation. It was such a community event, with family and friends joining together to make food, decorations, and every little detail possible. It was a beautiful blend of the Nigerian and Dutch cultures, and of course their own unique flare of personality.