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Rachel | Portland, Oregon

Sometimes I get a tug on my heart to visit a place, and until I do, it stays at the front of my mind. That is the story behind me visiting Oregon. For years, I always wanted to go and see for myself. So I finally decided to take a quick trip to Portland, just to get my feet wet. I know there is so much more to see there, but just the friendliness I found in the artsy Portland and the beauty I saw in the forest had me sold. I look forward to my return!

Now, about Rachel! A mutual friend put us in contact before I arrived. And how happy I am to have met her! So much in common, and just a sweet soul to spend time with. She showed me a couple places in the city that I hadn't gotten to explore yet, and took me on a hiking trail through the nearby forest. And best of all, she agreed to be my gorgeous model for the day! Despite the rainfall, we had the loveliest of times. A little tea in a Chinese garden, some book store exploring, yoga in the woods, and a quick hike before sunset.

Some of these pictures that I captured of her are so stunning, I am still in awe. I look forward to meeting (and photographing) her again!