James & Lauren | Engagement Session

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl insist they are "just friends". But all of their friends already know. Boy and girl finally give into the undeniable truth that they are deeply and madly in love with each other, and decide to dive into a beautiful adventure of life together.

Yes, I know... such a cute, real-life fairytale. I've known James for quite a long time. Actually, his whole life. I even held him as a newborn baby. After all he is my baby brother! And so I think I may know what I am saying when I truly could not imagine a couple who is more perfect for each other than these two!

We spent a fun afternoon driving around Lawrence and finding cute little places to shoot at. Normally clients hope that there is clear weather for their shoot, so I was excited when James and Lauren were hoping for rain. And it sure did rain all morning. Until it was time for their shoot, when it turned to bright and sunny skies. But it just showed another example how these two just go with the flow of things knowing that what it all comes down to is the fact that the other one is standing stead-fast beside them.

Congratulations, James and Lauren