Simthembile | Fashion Shoot in Cape Town, South Africa

Such a fun story of how I met Sim. Before leaving Cape Town, I decided to do a voting competition via facebook. Contestants got their friends to vote for them to win a free photoshoot. At first the competition didn't look too active. Slowly contestants and votes began trickling in, and then before I knew it, things got intense! Two contestants were neck to neck, racking in votes. I was excited to see who would be the winner by the closing of the competition.

Well, as you may have guessed by now it was Sim. However, our times to shoot didnt line up except for my last couple of hours before my flight to the States. Time was pressed, and I prayed that I wouldnt miss my train to meet Sim, nor my flight home. But everything went smoothly, and I made it safe and sound to the airport.

I quickly felt very honoured to be able to spend my last hours photographing this young man. Mature beyond his years, and passionate and driven towards his goals in life. I could tell he was one who would not compromise to "fit into a mold".



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