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Daniel Crossing

Every now and then, I get a crazy idea for a photo shoot. Sometimes I think it is so crazy, I don't even bother suggesting it to a client. Here's an example. On my trek to a photoshoot, I pass a junk yard. First thing I think of is, "how rad would it be to do a shoot here!!". But no way would I ever find someone keen for that crazy idea. About an hour later, I am passing back that direction after meeting the creative team and client of m shoot. And the client's eye catches the junk yard. An expression of excitement moved me suggest my "crazy" idea. And he was hooked! I knew instantly that Daniel and I were going to have one heck of a photo shoot!

If you havn't had a chance to check out the music of Daniel Crossing, you need to do so.

I absolutely loved working with Daniel, creating new promo pics and album artwork. Talk about a talented, yet humble musician. As we chatted moving from location to location, I saw just a glimpse of the huge heart he has for people, and the passion that keeps him driven. It was truly a joy to be a part of this project.

Check out his work here: