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Dykstra Wedding | Kansas City, Missouri

I met Lelde years ago during my time in Latvia. We lived together, adventured together, and served in community outreaches together. A couple years later, I met Dakota while visiting a friend in Kansas City. Never could I have imagined a beautiful love story in the making between these two. And never could I have imagined that I would be so honoured as  being their wedding photographer. I loved every detail they descirbed to me over coffe leading up to the day, and was inspired with how everything was working together and just falling in to place. It was truly a celebration orchestrated from above. 


So maybe it was the beautiful and personal back story to this wedding. Or maybe it was the reminder that the world is not that big.  Or maybe it was because my favourite treat from Latvia was served at the reception. Whatever it was, this was one of the most special weddings I have gotten to photograph.


Congrats Dakota and Lelde! And may you have have an ever so blessed marriage. 



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